New waste and recycling service for Christchurch

Come October we shall be able to recycle so much more at the curbside. See the link for full information:

Food waste will be collected every week. But please note, you can't put it in a plastic bag! It must go straight into the bin as is, or wrapped in newspaper. Plastic bagged stuff will not be collected.

There will be a separate wheelie bin for recycling stuff. Apart from the usual paper, cardboard, tins and cans, we will also be able to recycle plstic bottles and caps, yoghurt pots, meat trays etc -- in fact all plastic except film, bags etc. This is really good news!

There will be a separate wheelie bin for anything that can't be recycled., such as plastic bags, film etc. This will collected alternate weeks with the recycling bin being collected the inbetween week.

This is a really good move by the Council and deserves our support, not least because it will save rates payers £2 mill a year!