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Carbon-fast for Climate Change!

With Climate Change Week 12 – 18 th March, the Christchurch Information Centre will be hosting a Pledge Tree supplied by Transition Town Christchurch. Any member of the public can commit to a carbon-saving act by signing a pledge leaf and hanging it on the pledge tree. There are 24 different pledges, ranging from using the car less to stop using free plastic bags; from renouncing bottled water, to promising to plant bee-friendly flowers this year or grow some vegetables.

Eco Gadgets great and small

If you attended our Green gadgets event on 23rd August - or even if you didn't - here is the information garnered by Marianne on the subject:

Eco gadgets Great and Small


Small kettles/metal versus plastic kettles
Tea cosy to keep the tea warm longer.
Thermos for hot water
Tip: If the thermos smells of whatever was in it before, put in a heaped
teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda followed by water and soak for an hour. The
smell should be gone.

Fantastic thermal cookers using an astonishing little amount of energy. Bring

Transition Together Project - energy saving on your doorstep

Transition BH, the umbrella transition group that covers transition groups in the BH postcode area, was one of 10 national transition groups to receive funding for the Transition Together project.

Transition Together aims to support small groups of 5-8 households to take energy saving and carbon reducing steps. A workbook is provided and subjects covered include household energy saving, reducing water use, reducing waste, and transport options. Each group works at its own pace, meeting every few weeks to share progress.